Yahoo Mail provides the high level of security to the Yahoo Mail users. And also provide the user support for any issues are generating in the Yahoo Mail. There is different mode of the services providing by the Yahoo. We gives all the customer support number which work rapidly. 

Yahoo is increasing huge famous over the globe with astounding features encapsulate in it. Being one of the greatest search engine and prominent web portal, Yahoo has exceeded expectations its notoriety by giving services, for example, webmail, news, Finance, sports, legislative issues, VIP, TV, and motion pictures. Among these administrations, Yahoo email services have access part of buildup among the web users in the genuine sense. A large number of users over the globe, particularly in United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom; who get to the web on regular routine through PC and Smartphone devices, get enlisted with Yahoo webmail services to get to imperative messages sent by known ones in their email account. Yahoo Mail Support is a service which provides the Technical support for the users. 

How to Yahoo Mail Support provides Security 
There are some notice signs that show when an account has been traded off. On the off chance that you see anything that recommends you've been hacked, there are some important steps you can take to secure your record. 
Signs when account has been hacked 
You're not receiving any emails. 
Your Yahoo Mail is sending spam to your contacts. 
Your account info or settings were changed without your knowledge. 
You see logins from unexpected locations. 
When in uncertainty, secure your account 
Use Yahoo Account Key or two-step confirmation  
Modify your password; make sure it's strong enough 
Confirm and update your account recovery email information 
If you get locked out of your account, use the Sign-in Helper

Review your Yahoo Mail settings 
Check your account settings for any progressions you didn't make. Hackers could modify some of these to get duplicates of messages you send or receive. Reestablish any settings if required. 
Get to every one of your settings using your desktop web browser from the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the Yahoo Mail page. 
Sending name 
Reply-to address 
Vacation response 
Blocked addresses 
Finally we provide the  Yahoo Support Numbers and Mail Support for the user, which available into the 24*7 hours in 365 days